Breaking Ground

PHNX 1 – currently under construction – check out our blog for more information on this project.

Unprecedented Innovation

The design and construction industry hasn’t changed much in 40 years, and the current wildfire crisis has exposed its weaknesses. Thousands of homeowners are waiting three to four years to move into their new homes – if they can even afford to rebuild at all. Only after spending tens of thousands of dollars in fees will fire survivors see the true cost of their home for the first time. We are here to change that!

The award-winning team at PHNX Development has taken design/build into the 21st century. For the first time, architect and builder innovate together. Inspired by principles of Trauma Informed Care, they have streamlined the design and construction process, making the path to your new home more accessible and easier to understand.

Insulated Concrete Forms


Component Based Design utilizes fast and efficient building processes and materials that are adaptable and innovative. All of the structural elements in a PHNX Home are comprised of proprietary, engineered systems. Wild fluctuations in material and labor costs that plague traditional builds are much less of a factor in the PHNX process.

Composite steel joist system


The simplicity of the PHNX Home structural design means that everything is faster, from design, to plan check and construction. There are less complex structural calculations, fewer site inspections and no special inspections to slow down the process.

Architect & builder innovate together


Architect and builder work together to provide you with easy but versatile design choices that make sense for both aesthetics and budget. The latest in Building Information Management (BIM) technology enables us to transition seamlessly from design documents and budgeting, to construction documents and permitting.

How Does PHNX Compare to Current Industry Practice?

How does PHNX compare?