Green is Good Design – PHNX Has It!

When I was teaching architecture, I would tell my students to strive for the “sweet spot”. It’s a point you hit in your design where the project begins to design itself, solving its own problems - almost like it comes alive. Good design does that; by making solid, well-founded decisions right out of the gate, [...]

What Makes PHNX Different?

PHNX Home is more process than product. PHNX was not born as a Silicon Valley start-up by people who have no experience in the design/construction industry. Nor is it dependent upon new, untested materials or technology. PHNX is not "modular" or "manufactured". It is a home that is designed uniquely for you, on your property, [...]

5 Things to Know if You Want to DIY Your New Home

Topics like architecture, home design and construction are popular things to talk about; it's very common in social contexts for professionals in the design and construction industries to be approached to talk about what we do. When someone tells us how passionate they are about design and construction, sometimes it seems like they're forgetting that [...]

Progress Photos – PHNX 1

Installation of the second floor iSpan Composite Deck. All PHNX Homes have concrete floors, whether on the ground level or an upper story. After the proprietary joist and decking system is in place, we will pour the 3" concrete slab. Next step: setting the forms for the second story walls! Watch this space!!

What is “Type II” Construction?

The building codes (International Building Code and California Building Code) categorize building methods and materials into five “types”, according to degrees of combustibility. Type I is the most restrictive and non-combustible, whereas Type V is the least fire-resistant and allows combustible materials. Amazingly, even in the face of tragic wildfires, California homes are still built [...]

Why Insulated Concrete Forms?

In our search for solutions, insulated concrete forms wound up making a lot of sense as our basic structural system. Concrete is a plastic material; it can take just about any shape we want it to. Compare that to steel framing, for example - the almost infinite number of sizes, gauges, studs, channels, blocking, etc [...]